• Before you get into the lesson content bucket strategies for social media you need to know about social media terrace and its importance if you understand the core basics of social channels you can able to become a successful influencer or if you’re into your own business you can register your presence for your trade by that you can be rewarded with Successful ROI by customers.

What are social media and Its importance?

  • For every business owner and Influencer who is going to start showing their presence on social networks. First, you have to understand the analogy between social webbing Platforms.
  • This is a better social staging where you can share your knowledge and connect with your audience universally or residentially, this socialized stage where people used it to access content or publish content, first you have to understand the shades behind social network podium.

 A Different form of social media:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Understand the secrets behind social media platforms:

a different form of social media

1.Facebook / Instagram:

Facebook and Instagram are some of the social networks stand that which is used by audience for entertainment purpose and purchasing products.


Twitter engages with news, cinematic updates & announcements, and viral things across the world, Twitter is basically up to engage the audience and reach it wider globally, this dais is not suitable for business or selling products or services.


LinkedIn is opposite comparing to another social networking rostrum, LinkedIn is a formal communication dais here entertaining & fantasy updates won’t work, Elite B2B communications and Job seekers, hiring authorities and top-level authorities and thought leaders who share their values and content. LinkedIn is the best place to consume content and we can able to grow our skills and learn new things while surfing on LinkedIn.

Types of content bucket:

  1. Helpful
  2. Inspiring
  3. Informational
  4. Entertaining
  5. Current affair
  6. Trending
  7. Special days
  8. Product-based
  9. Campaign-based

Here, I give you some examples and explanations about content bucket strategies for 2021, scroll down


Social media Helpful How to
  • Helpful based content always helps the audience to train themselves based on their learning perspective that keeps your page alive and engages your page activity with content interactions, I show you some patterns,
  • HOW TO’S: How to make your presence?
  • TIPS: 10 tips to satisfy your clients.
  • TRICKS: 5 Tricks to grow your Instagram followers.
  • WAYS: 12 Ways to create content on social media.
  • NOTE: These samples always work very well on the social system if you’re an influencer, thought leader or, Product seller keep mentoring your audience, which gives huge response and engagement to your page.


Social media inspiring
  • Inspiring content is based on where you can share your knowledge via quotes, social proofs, or testimonials that will inspire other people to revisit your page. Testimonials and real-time stories where people love to visit your page again. Here, I show you some instances with definitions on inspiring based,
  • QUOTES: You can write a quote by yourself and post it.
  • TESTIMONIAL: share your valuable customer feedback or your follower feedback in your story or your news feed.
  • REAL-TIME STORIES: Share the real-time stories, like How you worked behind that or how you working on it.
  • PHOTOS: If any workshop or speech activity that you had done among with stuffed peoples you can share those images in SM.
  • SHOWCASE: You can showcase yourself about your lifestyle, fashion, the place you have traveled, foods you have consumed, It’s like a vlogging kind of activity. Share your real-time experience or record and publish it.
  • NOTE: These things will create desire in the content accessor mind & they give more engagement to your social media profile by revisiting.


Social media informational
  • Informational based content is feeding your audience with correct pieces of information professionally or humorously, Informational and helpful are the same kind of content-based little bit fluctuate from each other, I explore you some ideals with definitions,
  • CASE STUDIES: Showcase your experience how you overcome the obstacles that you have faced in the past or how you handle the situations or clients and how you overcome that, educate your audience to avoid the mistakes that which you had done in the past or you can show them How to work with new clients and how to handle the obstacles, based on your business or service you rearrange the content and creativity.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are conducting any workshops or giving offers on special days inform your audience whether that is relevant to them, they be part of your program.
  • NOTE: You have to prepare yourself before you make an announcement and share the real case studies from your experience.


Social media entertaining
  • Entertaining based content many of the content accessors use Facebook/Instagram/Twitter for consuming entertaining content, they love to watch meme photos and meme videos, that would encourage them, they just relate it to their lives and make fun of it, that’s the main reason meme pages getting more engagement in likes and shares.
  • MEME IMAGES / VIDEOS: Use famous actor/comedian/trending non-celebrity image or video to create meme images or meme video, but be sure your meme has to be entertaining the audience that depends on your creative idea.
  • MOVIES: Give a review for movies/web series that you had watched recently or decode the hidden elements in that movies/web series, people love to view the hidden elements and they like to read the reviews.
  • GOSSIP & REAL FACT: Speak about the gossip and real fact that’s roaming viral on all social media channels or in news channels, research about the topic, and contribute your thoughts on that.
  • CONTEST: Contest-based post that worked well on the audience, everyone likes to participate and loves to win cash prizes, if possible, you can run a contest.
  • NOTE: You have to create your creativity in an appealing way to attract your followers.


Social media whats new
  • Current affairs on social media based, this is the best way to gain followers, every thought leader would follow the same action by updating the audience and mentoring them with new trends or with new algorithm updates, and also tell your audience about the benefits advantages, and disadvantages of the current updates.
  • NEW THINGS OR NEW UPDATES: New updates on Instagram or Facebook teach your audience, how you can use Automated DMS or automated replies to follower’s comments.
  • NOTE: This will help your audience to educate and that keeps your page alive with more fascinating.


Social media trending
  • Trending Content works very well but the self-life of trending posts is a maximum of a week, this will give much better delight to your viewers apart from your spectators this will get more likes and shares, but you have to cross-check in all other forum daises to verify what’s trending. Here I give you some clarifications for the Current trending based content strategy on social media,
  • REELS: Make one reel based on social media trending music Dream’um Wakeup’um music or aurora runway music, these two music’s went very viral on Reels you can use that music and make one reel if possible.
  • POST: Use the trending image to make one meme or post that is relevant to your business with your creative idea.
  • NOTE: Keeps yourself updated on trends that will help you to gain more followers.


social media special day
  • Special day content is based on a post that which you are created on a specific day that day would be celebration day or a Leader birthday or a Leader Memorial Day, by posting your content on these days your brand can be easily get attracted and recognized by everyone.


  • FESTIVAL DAYS: Wishing your audience on Diwali day.
  • NATIONAL DAY: Wishing our national citizens on Independence Day.
  • INTERNATIONAL DAY: World Women’s Day, World Environment Day, Wishing global audience on these days.
  • LEADER BIRTHDAY OR MEMORIAL DAY: Wishing or giving condolences to Leader, Freedom fighters & Celebrities.
  • NOTE: You need to consider this while you creating your special day post, make sure your special day post creative that which relevant to your profile relates the special day with your niche, and make one good imaginative.


Social media product based
  • Product-based is purely based on your product or service that you’re offering to your audience; you have to make your audience engaged by posting good photography of your products. Here I show you one sample with exposition,
  • CAMERA: If you’re selling DSLR cameras on your page you have to post all camera-related products and showcase them with good photography and cultivate your spectators by explaining the advantages and disadvantages and valuable use of your product.
  • NOTE: In product-based selling, you need to consider good photography of your product and good creatives that will attract your audience also you need to more focus on description.


 social media campaign based
  • Campaign-based content is rarely acquired, but this will work much better than other strategies, it is the structure-based content that plays a major role in an emotional connection with humans and grabs the attention where you can play with human emotions indirectly. Here I give you some archetypes with explanations,
  • Pride campaign is formulating for this month this campaign is about same-gender attraction or love, you can create generate one emotional post or emotional video based on it that will work sensations in social networks.
  • NOTE: Make sure your post has emotion and it connects with your audience emotionally or message-based, Emotional inventive or emotional video on social media will work better larger than your audience.

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