1.Invest in the long haul: 

  • Long haul is purely based on your post that which needs to be has a longer life in social media content, I encounter you one simplification for the long haul,
  • You create a post about your business and location and the services that you’re providing to your customers.

2.Make longer videos:

  • Make one good longer video that relevant to your business profile or page, I give you one rendition for a longer video,
  • Create one good longer Ad video about your business or yourself with good videography motions relevant to your business.

3.Number based series:

  • Number-based series is creating the post in the type of carousel that makes your audience read more and engage with your product or with your mentoring knowledge. I give you some examples for number-based series,


  • 10 ways to improve your fitness
  • 9 ways to prevent yourself from hair fall

4.Go local:

  • Go local subject is targeting, the specific audience in a specific location this type of content is based on your business location. I give you one explanation for Go local,
  • Create a post in Local languages where your viewers are located and, target the audience with their speaking language, and generate one post in the local language.

5.Create emotional content:

  • Compose one creative that’s solely yours try to understand the audience persona and fabricate emotional content; I share with you one depiction for emotional,
  • Emotional-based up to your creativity but you need to sure about, how you can connect audience emotions with your post that is purely related to your business.


  • Give Brain twister word challenge to your viewers that will make more interactions on your page. I give you some representation for crossword.
  • Give one crossword or puzzle in your newsfeed and tell your followers to answer for that post, many of them love to play brain-twisters in the comments section.

7.Different types of videos:

  • Create different types of videos that will capture the accessor eye to watch more videos, I endure some clarifications to create different types of videos here,
  1. Animated-type videos work very well.
  2. Talk about yourself or your products.
  • Make sure your video has been good with a real creature that will catch the viewers’ attention that will reward your page with more engagement.

8.Co-create content:

  • Co-creating based on collaborating with influencers or with the famous pages that you know on social media. I sect you some outline for co-create content,
  1. Ask influencers or famous pages to promote your products or services.
  2. Go live with influencers and take interviews with celebrities and Generate Q & A sessions.

9.Strike an emotional chord:

  • Striking an emotional chord is about, pull out audience emotions in your creative way and make sure the creative is relevant to your post, emotional chord is as same as emotional content, see some examples and get more clarifications,


Just imagine How your mother treated you in your childhood days,

  1. How she dressed up you and send you to the school.
  2. How she wakes up cook the lunch for you
  3. How she eagerly waits for your return
  4. How she prepares snacks for you in the evening time.
  5. How she guided you in doing homework
  6. How she laid you in the bed at night by singing rhymes and telling stories,
  • Make one carousel post by pulling out followers’ emotions by your creativity.

10.Follow trends:

  • Be the first one in following trends, adapt to the current trend and make one post.
  • Consume the current trend, add your creativity with the current trend to make a video or image that is relevant to the current trend and your business.


  • Testimonials work very well for B2C, B2B posts add many testimonials that create a trust factor among your followers and that makes your followers take an immediate CTA. I give you one clarification for testimonials,
  • Take a screenshot of client review and customer review, post that in your feed or in your story that creates more desire on your followers.

12.Encourage for CTA:

This is based on contest and engagement, inform your followers to make some actions in your post. I stake you some cases for encouragement,


  1. Hit Like if you love this video
  2. Post your opinion on the comment box
  3.  Tag your friends
  4.  Share with your Love

13.Convert your blogs into the post:

  • If you’re not having an elite audience to showcase your articles just leave this type of content, otherwise if your page up to the blogging you can try this type of content, copy the link of your blog and paste it into your social media bio or in your description and make one post related to your blog give the blog link in description or your stories.
  • This is for website holders who need traffic for their website through social media, most of the people love to read the articles, people who are all clicking on the link that you shared on the social media podium will be directed to your website.

14.Create listicles:

  • Number based and Listicles are the same these two make much clarity in explanation, make sure listicle type comes under one post it’s not like carousel post, I give you some samples for listicles content,


How to do Squat class?

  1. Straight up your hands.
  2. Bend your knees half to the ground.
  3. Slowly sit slowly stand.
  4. Make twenty counts.
  • Make sure your post has been in a single image you need to say all the elements in a single post.


  • Conversational is message-based content, narrating the message to your audience in a storytelling method. See one definition for conversational,
  • You can tell your own story or other stories in a message-based, story-telling that occupies the reader mind audience about you and your stories. They get more eager to listen to your stories or about you.
  • Story-telling works very well on social media, everyone loves to hear stories or read the stories, create a storytelling post this is best for content writers in social media. Make videos type or post type in storytelling content.