Nowadays, the organic growth in social networking platforms is completely dead because of social media advertising. The cost-effective, well-optimized, and attractive ads only get more quality leads from the target audience. First, you need to understand the basic concept of the advertising dashboard.

The very basic thing you need to know before running the Ad you must have a page to publish the ad create a new page based on your business then run an Ad related to your business, give the mandatory trusted details in your social media page that creates trust factor among the audience.

Here I give you some amazing social media advertising techniques that work wonders in 2021. Scroll down,

Structure of Dashboard:

  • Campaign
  • Ad set
  • Ad

The above-mentioned three-level sets are common in every social media advertising dashboard. First, we need to figure out the advertising objective to implement the three sets, Scroll down to get brief information about the best optimization techniques for Facebook and Instagram ads in 2021.


Choose your campaign objective that is the important metric you need to know before you publish your Ad and understand the result of your objective, based on that you need to find the perfect Campaign objective.

Name your campaign it’s for your reference if you’re running multiple ads in a single dashboard you need to name the Campaign that is easier to find and track the performance of your ads.

Ad set:

Name your Ad set the same as before in the above-mentioned point that’s for your reference to analyze and track the ad results in your social media advertising dashboard.

Choose your budget for the Ad set based on the campaign you need to set up the Ad budget, more you spend, the more you get better results, or the more you optimizing the Ad you get better results with low cost.

Schedule your ad set based on your budget, schedule the running time and running span of the Ad you can schedule the budget in Ad set level for Facebook and Instagram Ads, go with lifetime budget, and choose the end date wisely that makes sense and gives you more possible positive results for your campaign.

Choosing the audience, targeting the right set of audience based on their living location, age, educational qualification…. Etc, we can find the quality targeted audience by using detailed targeting in the detailed targeting expansion method. We narrowly filter the audience segment based on their Demographics, search Behaviors, and Common Interests.

These all insights are given by respective social media platforms that we are using to run the Social media Ads by that we can advertise and pick our right targeted audience. This is a very important metric you need to consider in social media advertising techniques.

Budget cost control option: If you’re very well aware of budget optimization and cost reduction in the advertising dashboard, you can set up the cost-control, otherwise hand it over to the auto recommended option to the social media advertising platform you’re using to advertise. Because if you manually enter the bidding amount that amount needs to be higher while comparing to your competitor budget otherwise your Ad won’t be visible or your Ad doesn’t get the best-predicted results.

Ad placements just tick off the automatic placements and choose manual placements we fill the Ad placements in Ad level with previews.

Follow these Ad set levels and implement these best practices in Facebook and Instagram ads in 2021.


 Choosing Image for social media advertising. Every social media platform has a different algorithm and different modes of working, based on the Terms and Regulations of different social media platforms Image formats and sizes differ. 

You need to structure the image with respective sizes and attract the audience with an image using color psychology. 

Follow the twenty percent of text rule in the image and the remaining eighty percent is a creative image, don’t use spam or irrelevant images which showing body parts in the Ad creative based on the terms and conditions in every Social Media platform crawling bot reject the entire Ad in the review process.

View the preview of Headline, Primary text, CTA these three plays a major responsibility in the click-through factor, your Headline, Primary text, Call-To-Action makes the audience take a decision. 

Once you uploaded the image the preview start showing on the right side of your advertising dashboard view the preview and make the best headlines and primary texts. This is also an important metric you need to consider in social media advertising techniques.

Writing the Ad description is an important consideration, you need to pull out the audience’s emotions to get better results. Think in audience perspective make an audience persona sheet pull out their pain points and the challenges that they’re facing, understand their goals and values. Prepare a connection bridge via description the Ad description needs to solve negative supplements around your audience and transform the negative indent into a positive play by using powerful words.

Write the description in the AIDA method. Attention-grabbing that is called a hook get the attention in the first two sentences, Create Interest among the readers pull out the negative emotions of your audience by your writing, Create Desire by transforming the negative emotion into a positive vibe with your words, Guide your audience to take correct Action by giving correct CTA at the end of the description. CTA plays a prime role in the description. 

Use emojis to attract the audience and make the description in pointers these are all the main important elements you need to consider in social media advertising techniques in 2021.

Follow and implement all the best practices in Ad level for Facebook and Instagram ads.


Verify all your edits make a preview and publish it, most importantly social media advertising is all about the amount. Money is an important tool in social media advertising based on your audience size you need to spend more amount in Advertising otherwise effectively optimize your ad to get better results.

Always do A/B testing that helps us to analyze the best-performing Ads make the split test in placements in campaign objectives in audience targeting make the trial run for a week and then decide to go with better-performing result-oriented resources.

Keep clear with your goal and implement all optimizing factors, these were the effective techniques of advertising through social media.